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Asparagus Potato Tomato Frittata

Asparagus Potato Tomato Frittata In this classic frittata recipe vegetables are cooked in a skillet. Eggs are added and cooked just until they are set on the bottom. Then, it is finished off with cheese and placed under the broiler. Looking to upgrade your cooking skills? Check out our upcoming cooking classes. Asparagus Potato Tomato […]

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Gruyere Herbes de Provence Mini Quiche

Gruyere Herbes de Provence Mini Quiche These mini quiche are a snap to make, with ready-made tart shells that you just need to pre-bake. Cool.  Then toss in the filling. Once you have mastered making Gruyere Herbes de Provence Mini Quiche, why not experiment with other flavours? Did you know that Chefs at Massine’s Cooking […]

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Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Chocolate Chip Pancakes Chocolate Chip Pancakes scream, “It’s the weekend!” And you deserve the treat after a hectic week. Spiked with buttermilk, the tangy balances the sweet and helps create a fluffy stack. Top with Raspberry Fruit Sauce and Canadian maple syrup, of course! Chefs at Massines. REAL Chefs! Real FUN! Check out our upcoming […]

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Zucchini Fresh Herb Terrine

Zucchini Fresh Herb Terrine Chefs Gilles shares this recipe for Zucchini Fresh Herb Terrine. So perfect for get together with friends and family. What is the difference between a terrine, pate or rillettes? This article explains it all very nicely. Check out our upcoming cooking classes with our jovial French-born Chef Gilles! Zucchini Fresh Herb […]

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Coconut French Toast

Put a tropical twist on your French toast with this coconut infused treat. Coconut French Toast Serves 4 1- 7 ounce package flaked coconut 5 large eggs 2 teaspoons PC Black Label Cinnamon 1-14 ounce can of coconut milk 8 slices of your favourite bread 3 tablespoons vegetable oil PC 100% Pure Medium Maple Syrup […]

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Lady Fingers

Lady fingers can be eaten alone, or used as a base to make other desserts. Piping them out takes practice. Lady Fingers Makes 50 small lady fingers 1 cup bread flour 1 cup cornstarch 10 large egg yolks 1 ¼ cup sugar 7 large eggs whites Icing sugar for dusting Preheat oven to 350 F. […]

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