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Apple Cinnamon Topped Pancakes

Apple Cinnamon Topped Pancakes Ah! The sweet fragrance of apple and cinnamon on a pillow of fluffy pancakes. A delicious way to start the morning! Check out our upcoming cooking classes! Chefs at Massine’s Cooking School. REAL Chefs! Real FUN! Apple Cinnamon Topped Pancakes   1 ½ cup PC All Purpose Unbleached Flour 3 teaspoons baking […]

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Apple Chicken Stew

Apple Chicken Stew Recipes This recipes is perfect for fall. It gets its flavour from three different apple sources — fresh apples, apple cider and the French favourite from Normandy… Calvados. Apple Chicken Stew Serves 4 4 chicken legs cut in 2 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion, diced 1 Cortland apple diced 3 tablespoons […]

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Apple Pear Crumble

Apple Pear Crumble This homey warm dessert full of fresh harvest apples and pears is the perfect way to welcome fall. Take an adult cooking class with us!  Chefs at Massine’s Cooking School. REAL Chefs. Real FUN! Apple Pear Crumble Serves 4 2 cups apples, peeled and sliced 2 cups pears, peeled and sliced 3 tablespoons […]

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Maple Apple Crepe Filling

Maple Apple Crepe Filling This is one of our favourite crepe filling recipes. Granny Smith apples are used, because they keep their shape during the cooking process. Canadian maple syrup and apples always pair so nicely together. Where would we be without our maple trees, eh? Check out our adult cooking classes. Maple Apple Crepe […]

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