Quick Pickled Vegetables

Quick Pickled Vegetables Have some Quick Pickled Vegetables available to eat right from the jar. It won’t be hard to consume your five to ten fruits and vegetables per day! Chef Gilles suggests that you serve these vegetables with Miso Maple Marinated Cod.  Now that you are here…. check out our upcoming cooking classes. Chef […]

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Zucchini Fresh Herb Terrine

Zucchini Fresh Herb Terrine Chefs Gilles shares this recipe for Zucchini Fresh Herb Terrine. So perfect for get together with friends and family. What is the difference between a terrine, pate or rillettes? This article explains it all very nicely. Check out our upcoming cooking classes with our jovial French-born Chef Gilles! Zucchini Fresh Herb […]

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Fruity Grape Sangria Mocktails

Fruity Grape Sangria Mocktail Recipe This recipe for Fruity Grape Sangria Mocktail blends the flavours of grape with strawberry, peach and citrus. A mix of freshness,  without the alcohol.   Fruity Grape Sangria Mocktails Serves 6 1 1/2 cups PC Red Grape Juice 3 cups PC Ginger Ale 1cup fresh strawberries 1 orange 1 lemon […]

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